By 1840 there were 1277 persons living in Milton Township. This total decreased each year until 1920, just after completion of the reservoir, when only 514 people remained. The period from 1920 until 1940 saw a large gain in summer cottages but a much smaller gain in permanent homes. Then in the 1940’s employment at Ravenna Arsenal and wartime gasoline rations influenced a movement to permanent residences. After WWII, increased interest in recreation and improvements in boating continued this movement. It was during this time that the demand for city cottages was so great that a rental freeze went into effect. From 1950 to 1960 the population increased 52.3% in Milton Township (2194 to 3341 persons) and 100.2% in Craig Beach Village (569 to 1139 persons). The last census shows the population of Milton Township to be 4107.